Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship

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Thank you for your interest in the Fellowship program in Cardiovascular Diseases at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. The Division, under the leadership of Steven R. Bergmann, M.D., Ph.D., has 20 full-time faculty and 18 fellows (6 per year). We provide tertiary care across the entire spectrum of cardiovascular illness to the diverse patient population of the Lower East side of Manhattan. The Division offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services including specialization in Echocardiography, Heart Rhythm management, Invasive and Interventional cardiology, Nuclear cardiology, Cardiac CT imaging, Heart Failure and Preventive cardiology. Cardiology is fully integrated with our colleagues in Cardiothoracic Surgery to form the Heart Institute.



Goals, Objectives and Educational Purpose:

Over the three year training programs, fellows will:

  • Gain an understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system.
  • Acquire a detailed fund of knowledge regarding the natural history, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Learn how to critically interpret the literature and incorporate evidence-based medicine into daily practice as well as build a fund of knowledge of the landmark clinical trials governing modern day cardiology practice.
  • Acquire proficiency in performing and interpreting: nuclear stress tests, echocardiograms, CT of the heart, invasive and non-invasive angiography, intra-aortic balloon pumps, right heart monitoring, diagnostic electrophysiology, Holter and event monitors, ECGs, temporary and permanent pacemaker and ICDs.
  • Develop graded responsibility for caring for the full spectrum of cardiac patients including those in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit as well as for those in the ambulatory setting.
  • Participate in a meaningful way in clinical research.


Clincal Rotations

Number of Months in First Year
Number of Months in Second Year
Number of Months in Third Year
Catheterization Lab 3 1 - 3 0 - 3
Nuclear / Stress 2 1 2 - 3
Echocardiography 2 2 - 3 2 - 3
CCU 2 1 0
Electrophysiology 1.5 1 - 2 0 - 3
Cardiology Consults 1.5 - 2 1 - 2 0
Congestive Heart Failure 0 1 0
Research 0 1 1
Cardiothoracic Surgery 0 0 1
Peripheral Vascular 0 0 1
Imaging 0 0 1 - 2
Ambulatory Year Round Year Round Year Round
Elective 0 0 3
Vacation 1 1 1


Conference Schedule

We have a superb didactic curriculum for the fellows. Each morning from 7:30am to 8:00am we have Morning Report, where fellows present patients who were admitted overnight and receive feedback on management decisions. Didactic teaching conferences occur twice daily: Morning conference (8:00am to 9:00am) and Noon Conference (12:00pm to 1:00pm). There schedule is as follows:

8 - 9 AM
12 -1 PM
Monday Cardiology Grand Rounds Nuclear Cardiology
Tuesday EPS / Internal Medicine Grand Rounds Heart Failure / Consult Case / Preventive Cardiology
Wednesday Journal Club / Cardiothoracic Surgery Guideline / Textbook Club
Thursday Cardiac Catheterization / Hemodynamics EKG
Friday CCU Conference Case of The Week ECHO


Research Opportunities

Research is an important component of our training program and fellows are required to spend dedicated research time pursuing investigative work. Opportunities exist in all of the clinical laboratories. A list of the most recent peer-reviewed publications from our Division is listed below so you can see the breadth and scope of our research interests.



Steven R Bergmann, MD., PhD: Chief of Cardiology
Dennis Finkielstein, MD: Program Director Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship
Deepika Misra, MD: Associate Program Director Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Cardiology
John Fox, MD: Director
Yumiko Kanei, MD
Ramesh Gowda, MD
Tak Kwan, MD
Navin Nakra, MD

Cardiac CT Imaging
Kenneth Giedd, MD

Consultative Cardiology
Sonal Jani, MD
Deepika Misra, MD
Nicholas Papapietro, MD
Ossama Samuel, MD
Peter Virsi, MD
Joseph Tawil, MD
Pablo Navarro, MD
Margaret Furman, MD
Hugo Rosero, MD

Coronary Care Unit (CCU)
Maurice Rachko, MD: Director

Marvin Berger, MD: Director
Susan Hecht, MD: Associate Director
Dennis Finkielstein, MD
Tatyana Danillov, MD

Sam Hanon, MD: Director
Steven Evans, MD
Patrick Lam, MD
Paul Schweitzer, MD
Preety Chawla, MD

Heart Failure
Meir Shinnar, MD

Nuclear Cardiology
Kenneth Geidd, MD: Director
Steven Bergmann, MD, PhD
Dennis Finkielstein, MD
Maurice Rachko, MD

Preventative Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation
Margaret Furman, MD: Director


Application Process

To apply, please submit:

  • Complete National Registration Match Program (NRMP) protocol Beth Israel is program: 10908090
  • For more information, call Marisa Hernandez, Fellowship Coordinator, (212) 844-1794 or


Recent Peer-Reviewed Publication from the Division

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  2. Chen SL, Ye F, Zhang JJ, Hu ZY, Tian NL, Zhang JX, Kwan TW. Prediction of clinical outcomes in patients with unprotected left main trifurcation lesions treated by drug-eluting stents: importance of 2-stent technique and SYNTAX score. J Interv Cardiol. 23:352-357, 2010.
  3. Chen SL, Zhang JJ, Ye F, Liu ZZ, Zhu ZS, Lin S, Tian NL, Fang WY, Chen YD, Sun XW, Wei M, Shan SJ, Kan J, Qian J, Yang S, Yuan ZB, Kwan TW, Hu DY. Crush stenting with drug-eluting stents: relevance of coronary bifurcation lesion location on angiographic and clinical outcomes. Clin Cardiol, E32-39, 2010.
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Editorials, Invited Reviews and Book Chapters:

  1. Liou M, Kwan TW. Is same-day discharge after elective PCI in the elderly ready for prime time? J Invasive Cardiol. 22:306, 2010.


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